Thursday, 4 July 2013

Our Ducky Themed Baby Party- For Our Pending Arrival :)

Hello again journey followers,

So I thought it was about time to post up some pic of our baby party/shower that happened 2 months ago in May! :) 

Sorry its been a long time coming, though with being in my third trimester...i'm finding it physically exhausting at the moment! Lol

Before I continue on...just a little update on how many weeks I am along in pregnancy :) 

I'm currently weeks 34.
Yes, its getting very close indeed & it feels like there is not a lot of time to get the last minute/few things organised in the nursery! I find when things become too fast paced for me, I end up having to bring my thoughts back to a place where I can pace myself and just focus on each day as it comes :) 
As I am writing this, a bible verse pops into my head and it reads:

Come all who are weary and I will give you rest. 

Also another verse that has been in my mind this whole week is:

Take no thought what you shall eat, what you shall drink, for there is the evil of the day.

Forgive me on where these are referenced in the bible, but I am sure if you were to look these up in a bible concordance you would find these bible verses :)

Anyway moving on...

So Our baby Party went off really well!! :) Many of our guests attended & it was so lovely to have our friends celebrate with us on this special occasion and catch up with them all :)

Some of the photos on here where taken by my sister Renee & the baby party invitation example, little gift tags wrapped around organza bags with peppermint treats for guests, were kindly created and printed by my sister Renee who has had over 10 years experience in the graphic design field :)

If you get a chance, check out her Facebook page called CINCH CREATIVE: 

I should also mention the cake, 'it's A Boy' bunting/banner, table layout and decoration were created and organised by me. 

I had so much fun creating our baby boy bunting and cake!! :) 
Though, I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of my team: Renee, Mum & my awesome, most supportive hubby in the world!! Thank you guys!! :) 

So here they are...our baby party photos! Enjoy!! :)

Well that's it journey followers...

Until I write again...

Take care of yourselves,  
*hugs* Shine :)