Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Storybook...and life...hehe :)

Hello friends :)

So it's 3:16am in N.Z and...and yes- I do get the occasional 'I can't sleep syndrome' aka...insomnia! Lol 
Though I quite like being awake at this time of the night...okay I admit it...I LOVE to be a night OWL ;) 

How DO I explain my week??!...Hmmm let me see...ahhh yes...

My Week: 

Lots has happened...clinic appointment yesterday...quite happy with the clinical test results :) Yes I AM picking up my MATT and WALKING ;) Studying like a MAD hatter that's lost his fine, bone china, tea cup or...may it's the steroids I'm on- (joking about the steroids btw)!...Yes so...you can all breathe a sign of relieve! Haha!

Sweet! :D

Now that we have got past 'the basics'...onto the next few little precious moments I have planned and am awfully looking forward to accomplishing this week :)

Buying some darn right, good old fashion. board games...magnetic in fact! 
Throw in two citronella candles, a rather fluorescent green dome and some chocolates and what have you got? Have I caught your attention yet? ;)

Well i'll give you hint...Nature at it's best...sleeping under the stars...

If you guessed the answer...Yes that's right folks! We are going CAMPING this weekend!! YEEHAAAA! ;D What a treat it will be for our dear little pup Lilly...who has never experienced camping before!! :D I don'y know who is more excited...her or me??!! Haha!

This hoilday couldn't have come sooner! :) 
We have the perfect location set...though my lips are sealed as to it's whereabouts...sorry ;) And No- it's NOT the BACKYARD!! Hehe :)

Now onto other matters...

Some of you might be wondering...How my Children's Illustration dummy book- (mock up book) is going...? 

Well as best as it can be...given the 6 week time frame ;) 

So here's the goss/update: 

I now have scanned images of my illustrations, so far so good ;) Today I will be at some point...cutting down more of my text-e text...in order to get *drum roll pleeeaassee*
All 32 pages of illustration in my dummy book, before the end of this course- finishing early October this year. Ek! Lol

Here is an example- one of my Children's storybook illustrations...

Will Shine make it in the world of  Children's Fairy Tale books and get her book completed? FIND OUT in world of Children's Illustrating course: Part 2 land??!! 

Stay LOGGED IN to find OUT!! :)

To be continued... ;)

Well this is all the time I have for now...

Oh yes...and before I end off...here's some food for thought I have recently been thinking about...

"When crappy negativity is flying in all different direction towards you in life...just remember...
Your ONE STEP CLOSER to becoming the person your CREATOR INTENDED YOU TO BE...ONE step closer to a VICTORY!" :) Keep the FAITH! Yay! ;D

Until I blog again...

Yours Faithfully...
Shine *Huggles* ^-^

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Storybook full SPEED ahead...! ;)

Hello friends,

Sorry it's been so long again since I last updated you on things! :(

Well, yesterday was my children's illustration course. And I have so much to catch up on!! 
Apparently i'm a wee bit behind my class!! ONE WEEK'S WORTH- in fact! *sigh* 
Oh well guess that's the STORYBOOK of LIFE!! ;)

Anyway, so having gone to this course for about 3 weeks now...I am under the realisation...that 6 weeks, is no where near, long enough, to complete a storyboard and dummy book mock up book with in this space of time.

My Tutor was also telling us students yesterday, that it take illustrators AT LEAST 6 MONTHS to complete a storyboard and dummy book (mock up book) to present to the publishers! 

So...I guess I REALLY have my WORK/ILLUSTRATIONS cut out for me! ^-^

Anyway enough about my days...here is some food for thought I've been pondering on...


Life is meaningless, unless you follow the path that was promised and acknowledge the one who created you.

by Sarah.

Life is like the flicker of flame on a candles wick, dancing to the tune, surrounding it. 
Bright and full of light, the Maker guards His little flames by protecting them from the dangers unseen- that threaten to blow them out! 
His hands are like a shield, until the candle wax runs out...

By Sarah.

Also another favourite motto by Walt Disney I absolutely LOVE...(Apparently Walt Disney use to hang this up on his wall and work place for all his workers to see....

"This IS a 'Happy Place" ;)

Until I write again...Your faithfully...

Shine *Huggles*

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hello friends :D

Thank you all for checking in so often :) 

It really means a lot to me, that you would take some time- out of your day, to check out, this blog! Yay! :D

As the weekend approaches, a few thoughts go through my mind...

The crazy, though funny week I've had.

Let me explain:

So...last Tuesday (and I speak of LAST TUESDAY IN PARTICULAR) I needed this library card for the course I am currently doing...

(Oh if there are others who have just logged onto this blog site- You might want to read my last few entry posts, it will give you an update on things, I'm currently doing) ;) 

So where was I...ahhh yes...

So it was- a very sunny Tuesday afternoon. The sun beamed brightly, across the vast blue sky and the wind was a bit howl-y at the time! Hehe...

I walked into the Library, feeling awfully cheery and excited about stepping foot back into a library again. 
As I approached the reasonably neat and tidy, returns office desk, I was greeted with
 a GRINCH! *Gasps in the audience* 
So condensing and darn right patronising, was the GRINCH!
If only there were a way to turn her frown upside down...hmmm.

"Excuse me." I asked, pleasantly.

It was...*Movie stringed instruments* *Movie shock tune: DAR DA DA DUMMM...!!!* :o

'THE LIBRARIAN' aka...'The Grinch' ;)

The Grinch even thought I was computer illiterate. 
Can you believe...? If that were so...I would not be on fb... ;) 
So there...I said it- though not to the Grinch's face, oh course ;) Hehe 

"Ahh..." I said to the Grinch.
"Sorry, I must not be familiar with your library system. It has been 10 years, since I last stepped foot, inside this wonderful, land of books! :) 
Can it be...? That your computer system doesn't like my name- it won't register me...?
Maybe it has an error..?"
Now the Grinch was quite annoyed by this...and so my frustration continued like this...
Until I kindly said; "Thank you, though I think I'll come back,. some other time" 
Inside...I was close to tears and felt like crying...though I didn't let the Grinch SEE that! ;)
Instead, I decided to walk out, head held high...yes the Grinch was not going to get the better of me- that day! :)

So...I decide to try another library, as I desperately needed, half a dozen or so children's storybooks, for AUT :)
 A nice, elderly man came to help me...he was my angel and helped me get my library card in the end.

So all was not lost...my friends...'Real Life Fairy Tales', can have a 'Happily Ever After' ending... 

THE END ;)  

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A COURSE...Of course! ;)

Hello friends :)

Hope you are having a good week so far and life is treating you well....?
And if not, I hope next week is a better one ^-^

Just to let you know...

I am going to be a little busy for the next 6 weeks. 

The reason...*drum roll* please...? Ahhh who am i kidding...this is just blogger.com! Hehe ;)

Well... here it goes...

I have signed up for a course at uni. The course is called: Children's Book Illustrations. 

And let me tell you, that I am VERY EXCITED AND VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT IT!!! though a little nervous...oh ok quite nervous... EEEK! 
As apart from going through school and one other course, in my lifetime- which I did over 10 years ago. Eeek! lol
I  really haven't the faintness idea...how I'll get into the 'study ethics' thingy mi-jig' AGAIN?!! 

Ahhhh...It's been sooo looong...!! Oh well...guess I better start LEARNING fast...if I want to get something on 'paper'!!! ;) Lol

Anyway moving on...

I believe this will be a very valuable tool- perhaps even a key...when trying to create my very first children's novel! :)

You see...I have hit a stumbling block with my  illustrations for this novel. 
My illustrations are alright...though lots can be worked and improved on :) 

So...here is the crux of the matter...I HAVE NEVER DONE A STORYBOARD before, to put down all my creative illustrations into actions on paper...thought in this case a STORYBOARD is JUST WHAT I NEED!!! YAY! HAPPY DAYS!! lol 

In fact...this course will help me to described things better within my text-e story!!  ;)
*SIGH* So that's where I went wrong?!! :/ :) Haha! Well...now I know, how to go around my stumbling block! Hehe :) Yes I think an applause is needed...just kidding! Haha!

So this course is the kick start I needed, for my very first children's novel. 
What the course entails is, storyboarding and then getting a dummy mock up of how you want to present it to the publishers! So...I am very excited and happy to have found this sweet little course- it's just what I need!! :)

Well it's getting late over here...

Though before I go...someone gave me this verse. So I will leave it with you today...Psalms 91:1. Enjoy! :) 
I know I felt encouraged by it ;) 

Until I write again...

Yours Faithfully...
Shine :)