Monday, 25 July 2011

Dear friends...where for art thou shine...? And for music's sakes...I'm sorry.

Dear friends,

My apologies for being a bit absent...fear not, for I have not forsaken this blog! Haha...
I will try my very best to write my thoughts down as best I can :) 
2 reasons really for my absence on this blog...well where do I start!? music! :) 
I have spent most of the last 2 - 3 weeks on one of my original songs. 
I spent an entire day in the studio playing piano/keyboard in studio. 
I am working with a friend who helping co producing this song with get the right drum pattern and sound and anything other instruments we need to make it sound phat and good for music sake ;) 
Anyone who has been in a recording studio...will tell takes hours and hours of time to get something down musically! Haha...
It's what keeps me ALIVE in the soul you know! ;D

And 2...I have been busy working on another one of my teddy bear paintings...which I have been asked to do for a little girl...
The painting is going to be...a soccer bear in a field with blue sky and puffy white clouds...
I'm hoping her uncle likes the finished result- after all...he is the one paying for it! :/ 

So my friends...I hope that clears up a few things- why I have been absent...

In next blogging news...I will be posting the soccer teddy bear painting that I am currently in the process of painting. I have finished the background now it's just painting the bear, dressed in soccer uniform.

Even though my paintings may not look like they take much work...they in fact...take several hours to days to do...depending on what the buyer wants and how much detail they want in their painting.
All my paintings are layered...which is why it takes much time.

I hope you are all having had a good week thus far...
and I hope you are doing what you REALLY LOVE to do in life...
Remember...we only get ONE life...Are you making the most of your days here...? :) 

As I am writing this...the song 'Dreams do turn to dust' by Owl City's new album: 'All things bright and beautiful' is playing on my fitting for today's thought! hehe :)

Also as I blog...I will leave you with this...

"I can do ALL THINGS, through Christ who strengthen me' Philippians 4:13 :)

Well until I write/blog kind to yourself and others around you...

Your faithfully...
*Hugs* Shine :)

Once again...another of my 'Little Happy Veggie Friends' as promised. 
Hope this makes your day a little cheerful-er ^-^ hehe
I know not a word right...?! is now! Hehe :)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A little look at some of what I do...


Hello Friends,

Today I thought I would share a little of what I do...
When I'm not singing & song writing ^-^

Several years ago I was approached by a company to do some corporate Christmas cards...

I ended up selling over 300 hundred Christmas cards for this particular company...They were prints of course on good
quality card paper.

The mediums I used to painted these paintings you see here...were done with acrylics & flat board canvas, then sealed with a matt finish.

I still have these originals paintings and many more locked away from the public eye until the time is right ;)
 I started painting these little loveable teddy bears since I was 14. So I've really had a lot of practice ;)

AllRights Reserved

I have many of these cute little furry Loveable teddies...

My logo & brand is called 'Loveable bears' by SarahAmy.

So I hope this gives you a little sneak peek into just some of what I do :)
Well I hope you all have a nice day...and remember to be super kind to yourself & others...

Until I write/blog again...

Your faithfully...*Huggles* Shine ^-^

Loveable bears Christmas collection...was proudly brought to you By SarahAmy. 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Literally, not metaphorically...hehe :)

Hello dear friends, :)

Today as I sit on my light mocha cosy couch- laptop resting gently a top a servings tray. 
I write this post, starring out my windows, as the trees dance and sway to the tunes of the wild wind... revealing the calm after a stormy winters night.

Though clouds maybe overcast...revealing a hint a blue sky and sunlight every now and then...shinning down on evergreen trees, highlighting colours of light greens, yellows and medium shades of green.
As the howls of the wind pass by our house...making their way past a patch of green pastures- land we live on.
This come with much gratitude...that even through the storm...I am my Masters loving arms :)   

Yet even though I am alone I do not feel alone...for somehow my Master is with me at all times.


Well these were my thought for today...I will be posting some pics up soon...(hopefully today)! Pictures of our adventures in Dudersland...and a beautiful piece of paradise from heaven above...that could only be Maretai Beach, in our beautiful land Aoeteroa...meaning: Land of the long white cloud...New Zealand! :D

Well until I write/blog again...

Yours faithfully,
Shine...aka Sarah :)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Baking Blueberry Muffins at home... while outside...sunshine & raindrops mix up a storm of unknown...

Hello my dear friends,

Hope your day/week is going ok...? :)

Well what can I have to be one of those days where the weather doesn't know whether it's coming or going??! Yeaah THAT'S 'New Zealand' for YA! Haha! XD

So while it's wasn't the best of days to go for another one of my power walks...I may use of my the time baking blueberry muffins...though instead of mixing blueberries in slowly...I put the WHOLE ingredients in and therefore all my efforts...may have been in vain!! FOR IT...

TURNED OUT BLUE!!! Haha! Though still delicious in so many ways still! I might add... ;)

Oh and i should add to my mix of words that...
this was my very first attempt making these tasty little 'blueberry muffins' So before you make your assessment on my baking skills...let me just say...i'll get better with time and LOADS of practice...yes to master 'the art' of 'Pastry chef' one must practise these skills to the best of their ability first!...And that is all I have to say in this post! ^-^

I will leave you with just one little gem of encouragement your way... Whatever YOU do in life...SHINE :)

Yours Faithfully...
*HuGgleS* & LOvE...

Shine aka...Sarah ^-^

Monday, 4 July 2011

My 'Happy friends'... ;)

Hello friends :)

Again...yeaahh I know...'i'm slack!' Haha! 

If you will recall...I mentioned on one of my earlier posts that I would attach one of my happy Veggie friends with each post....well yeaaahh...that didn't work out??!! Did it??! Oh dear...! :/ Lol 

So friends can I say...apologizes for not following this through! *Puppy Dog Eyes* Haha!

Anyway moving it is...* Ta Da! 
Here's another one of my Little 'Happy Veggie Friends' that sit a top of my little kitchen shelf ;) Now once  all of them have been shared on here that it...k?! 
Yeaaah I ONLY have about 4 of them currently sitting quietly on my kitchen...I could have collected more from a shop whom shall be anonymous! ;)
Though please be encouraged...whenever your feeling down...
or if your needing a safe place to come to...
well ladies and gentlemen you know what to do...Just clicky, clink away onto the 'Life's A Journey' blog...& view one of my Happy Little Veggie Friends! ;) 

Seriously makes ME feel 'HAPPY' without turning to drugs! ;) 

But hey...maybe it's just ME that feels this way...? yeah I'm into this quirky cutesy stuff! Hehe! ;)

Enjoy...! :)

Also just wanted to leave this with you: Deuteronomy 31:8
This is something I was reading this morning when I had a moment to think! Hehe... :)

*HuGGLeS & LOvE* 
Yours Faithfully... 
Shine...aka Sarah :)