Friday, 2 August 2013

Our Peter Rabbit Themed Nursery- A touch of loving kindness...

Hello Journey followers,

First little note to our precious little baby boy...

Alec & I have dreamt of this moment for 7 seven long years, when we will look into your cute innocent, little baby boy's eyes, with an overwhelming sense of pride. 

An amazing and beautiful love we never thought possible until that time arrives.

In awe of what the Lord has blessed us so abundantly and dearly with. 

Words will not describe, just how precious you are our sweet little baby boy, so close and dear to our hearts.What rays of sunshine this little one will bring into our lives.

Little blessing...please know, that we you will be LOVED and (right now are LOVED) so dearly. 
We will endeavour to give you the best life has to offer within our power to do so. 
May you be a blessing not just to us, your parents, though to many others as you begin your little journey into this big wide world very soon.

We love you so much! Enjoy your little Peter Rabbit nursery (little blessing),

With love, from your loving & adoring parents to be....

Mummy & Daddy xxoo

Well it has been a long time coming...hand selecting, collecting each and every single unique piece for our little Peter Rabbit nursery. 

One we will experience and we will always cherish- the journey to find creative ways to show our little baby boy when he arrives just how much his mummy & daddy love him so dearly :)

Months & months of preparation and planning have lovingly been poured into this project of love, blissfully aware of our pending little blessing, 'soon to be' carefully placed into our loving arms.

What a delight to decorate the entire room! :)

My colour palette included: 

Peppermint green, pastel baby blue, white and a hint of chocolate brown :)

The prints you see on the wall were carefully selected to create the perfect characters for a little baby boys room. 

Jeremy Fisher - (the frog) has to be one of my favourite characters, as it enhances the colour palette for this Peter Rabbit themed nursery.

The choclately teddy bear painting (in the middle of the 2 prints), was kindly and lovingly hand painted creatively by me :)

The Sleigh crib/cot and slightly French looking drawers with black handles, were lovingly sanded, primed and painted quarter rice cake white- refurbished by Alec- my hubby. 

This took him a great deal of time to complete and for that I THANK YOU HUBBY BEAR :) 

All of the furniture you see here was purchased second hand online, including the designer Ikea armchair- though the covers are new :)

The peppermint poke-a-dot throw over the Ikea armchair was brought new, to add a splash of colour to not only the room but to add a finishing touch to the arm armchair.

The touchwood change table was also purchased online second hand. Its coasters make for easy mobility when having to move from nursery to bathroom :)

The white chateau lamp was purchased at a store when on sale price. I brought this because it had vintage appeal and yet with a classical hint of elegance mixed with provincial French flair :)

This is another one of my favourite pieces that complements the nursery.

I have also added a photo of the Moses basket bassinet, our little baby boy will be in for a few months. he will be in the master bedroom with us for a while before he sleeps in his nursery.

The Moses basket bassinet is kindly on loan from my sister Renee & brother in law Matt. Thank you both :)

Unfortunately I did not get round to completing my own handmade Peter Rabbit baby mobile, as I simply did not have enough time to complete the project. 

Though it is half finished, so hopefully I can complete the mobile when baby is born.

Though, were will one simply have the time with newborn and all?? 

It may just be wishful thinking on my part! lol

The Peter Rabbit baby mobile you see here was clearly hung with baby blue satin ribbon and little bows (tied by me) where tied to the ribbon to given the mobile that vintage look and feel- it kinda remind's me a bit of Peter Pan with the bows & satin ribbon hanging down from the ceiling too ;) 

Anyway we hope you enjoy seeing our 'Little Baby Boy Peter Rabbit Nursery'

Enjoy! Journey Followers :)

Until I blog Again...Shine