Thursday, 30 June 2011

Music is such sweet bliss! :)

Hey friends,

Apologies for not posting the last few days...needed to refresh my thoughts a little...

Yesterday...well where do I start...?!! :) 

Firstly I'd just like to say what an awesome day it was! :D

Blues skies, cottony white clouds, illuminated with the glow of the sun's rays...yes it was JUST what I NEEDED! :D

I Had planned a walk that day in my Fathers garden ;) 
It was just what I needed to clear my head from the hurricanes and their storm like clouds that had been hovering over me...or should I say within my mind... is no easy journey on the road ahead...with our destination! Lol

Though through the storms of sorrow... one thing remains...NEVER leaving...the glow of sunlight within my heart...always knowing just how to light my days...

Especially when another has SIMULAR glowing qualities...almost like they knew just what to say...soothing my scars gently with Aloe Vera's healing properties over my burns...
from a battlefield within...

Words of an angel...sweet in sound... Fragrance'd with the smell and sound from a distant land flowing with milk and honey... :) 

Yesterday was so I walked down a grey, smooth, concrete path, taking in the views and surroundings of my father's picturesque painting. 
Beautiful colours, green pastures and His pearl of sunlight rays radiating on the surface of my a blanket of warmth... embracing me with loving I power walked off my clear the cobwebs in my head.
The breeze dancing softly, gently round my if to say if to'll be ok...Shine :)

While on walking...Listening to the sweet, melodic melodies of someone who could only be this descriptive...

Owl City's latest album...'All things bright & Beautiful'. 
I continued my walk in the surroundings of  botanical beauty...listening to Owl City's...every word... electrifying the very core of my being. Drawing me in to a song titled: Kamikaze- Owl City's newest album...
The lyric's seem to speak to the very core of my being...and were/are ELECTRIFYING! 
In fact I cannot get this beautiful song out of my mind! Hehe...
Power walking to this song created a sense of electric awakening inside...almost as if the lyrics had reached down to awaken my soul...speaking so eloquently with such Grace...
what could only be the Grace of my Father's Heart speaking to me... :D 

Eagle Eye...soaring...staring right into the depth of my soul! :D

I felt empowered as I journeyed ahead- Encouraged with excitement that our/my Father WILL come a Beloved Prince charming... like a hero...
rescuing...His...'Princess Beloved'

My knight in shinning armour...riding on a white horse...through the skies...
Descending down from His golden palace of sunlight...on the golden shores of no time. 
With colours of the rainbow...Colours you and I have only ever dreamed about and so many more...

Blue Topaz  is my I'll be sure so to ask Him to add a sea of transparent turquoise and aquamarine to the ever growing- glowing sea of precious gems and pearls He has so carefully and lovingly laid down His life for... @(--'---

Well my friends...until I write/blog again...

Your faithfully...
Shine :) 

Monday, 27 June 2011

A nice little thought... ;)

Hey friends,

Just a little post today...

This little poem was given to my by my Heavenly Father when I was about 18yrs old...and has stuck with me on the road that IS the journey of life :)

My Father's holding my hand...

I know my Father's in Heaven is holding my life's little journey's...
The road ahead may not be easy...and some people I may not pleasey...
But I'll remember this...that this life is just a dot in Eternity... :) 

Felt compelled to write this this morning...I hope it encourages you like it has for me... ^-^

Well until I write/blog again...

Yours Faithfully...

Shine *Hugs* :D 

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Gift's & Finding LOVE again...? Where YOU lest expect it...?

Hello my friends... :D

Okay so here thoughts for this morning...pondering this really... :)

Gifts! Yeah come now...followers/bloggers...if you were to be really honest with yourselves...I ask YOU out there, these simple, yet very important questions...

What makes YOU- YOU...??! ARE YOU really good or gifted at something...? Or should I say really passionate about it...? ;) 

I bring this topic up, because all too often IN LIFE...we are- if not all of us...caught up in some kinda runt, unsure whether or not we are actually doing what a person should be doing!? 
Are we utilising our gift's- passions, talents or abilities in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE...? This IS probably one of the MOST important questions to life's journey!  
Surely you must have asked yourselves that question at one stage of YOUR LIFE or another...? Maybe even pondered that thought once or twice perhaps...? 
Even to the point/brink...of these thoughts creeping in YOUR mind?

It's in those quiet moments, perhaps in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning that make YOU think! Don't they...?! :)
Repeating OVER & OVER again like a broken record in the mind...

Well I'll be honest...I know I HAVE had these thoughts try to trap my mind into thinking..."I'm useless...!"many times over in my mind! Lol 
And if one thinks can become a vicious cycle of getting no where- just around the mulberry bush! Lol 
As I'm writing this...I once remember someone saying these very words:
Where the mind goes...the Man follows... 
Isn't that so very true to the state in our minds..?

I guess what I am trying to say in all of that...

If YOU are NOT happy with YOUR LIFE- it maybe something to do with your job, lifestyle or a feeling like you need to get out there & make something of yourself...whatever the case maybe...? 
Can I encourage YOU...? EVEN let you in on a little secret or a treasured gem... :)

That...YOUR LIFE is not just what YOU make IT...but...also what FUELS YOUR PASSION/SOUL and ZEST FOR LIFE! 

HAPPINESS is a state of mind...but it is also a state of ACCEPTANCE of WHO YOU REALLY ARE! 

Maybe that's the answer There...? Who knows!? lol  ;)

YOUR abilities/talents/gifting's are what DEFINE YOU...! 
They are what make YOU unique
No one person (IN THE WORLD) is EVER going to be the same as YOU! 
You are YOU and there ain't 'nobody' like YOU that can do things the way YOU do! :D 

'What ARE YOU passionate about...? That my friends...maybe YOUR answer and perhaps what you should/could to be doing with YOUR life! ;)

You see...there is ONLY EVER going to be ONE YOU in THIS LIFE!...
So...what are YOU going to do about it...?! ;D   

I've been through many a time in my life, when I thought I was just a waste of space...but really! lol Whose thoughts are those...?
Why let all that energy and time go to waste on such NEGATIVITY! 
When we could all be serving others with a PASSION for LIFE and using our abilities to really make a difference in a world!
Encouragement & LOVE- is where it's at on the's the sustenance you and I need ! :D It's about 'pay it forward' in kinda way to speak! ;)

Recognising that EVEN IF we FAIL that it is NOT the be all and THE END...
But rather a very rare and insightful, valuable opportunity, to glean & learn from OUR PAST...So that when the time comes to make a difference...

YOU WILL be ready for whatever LIFE throw's YOUR way! :) 

Please can I encourage YOU that no matter what YOU are going through...
YOU are precious in the eyes of the person you love or maybe one day will love! :) There is NO ONE like YOU! ;)

Some of you maybe thinking...
"But you don't know how bad things really are or my situation...??" Or I've tried this and that already...?"
Maybe YOU'VE caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror lately...and have said to yourself...
"I DON'T FEEL attractive enough...!!" Or "I'm so useless!!!" 

It maybe that you simply don't think your GOOD ENOUGH TO CUT THE MUSTARD or make it BIG in the area that YOU are facing RIGHT NOW...? 

Maybe YOU find yourself in that place in your life right now, where the future looks bleak!...
Please know...that YOU are LOVED SO MUCH! Wherever YOU GO! :) 
By no means am I giving false hope to you all on this blog...just simply encouragement and a knowing that regardless of how life treats hang in there and hold your head up high- Even through the stormy seas) YOU WILL GET THOUGH! :)

You maybe loved by a supportive family network, a husband, a wife, maybe even a friend/s...perhaps a beloved pet... :)
If you are someone who lives alone and maybe you've thought..."NO ONE cares about ME...I may as well not be here??" Think again... :)

It maybe YOU had dreams now your out on the streets, lost, alone, hurting and without a home...let me say...there is is a place that YOU can call  HOME...
Where that place maybe...only YOU can make that decision to find HOME...

Maybe it's just a matter of seeking, finding where you belong in the Melody of  Life...?
Writing a letter to a certain awesome someone you've been meaning to write too, 
but never really got round to writing those heart felt words down on paper...? 

Whatever it is...Just know that...YOU ARE LOVED!!! :D

Well these were my thoughts for today...I hope & wish you all the best in whatever YOU decide to do with YOUR LIFE! :)
Just remember YOU are a SOLUTION...NOT a PROBLEM...Life is a way one ticket...So I really hope that YOUR making the most of today with what YOU have been given! :D

Maybe that's YOUR ASSIGNMENT for TODAY...? Just a thought...? :)

Another verse that springs to mind is...

Psalms 23:5 -6 Hope you will be encouraged by this...

I will also leave you with these one quote: 

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

C.S Lewis

Well...until I blog/write again...

Yours faithfully,
Shine :)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Don't worry be happy :D

So I have these little veggie friends sitting a top my kitchen shelf... :) Whenever I'm feeling a little down or am having a really bad day...I only need to look at these cute little friends of mine...and be reassured by their cute little winning smiles! :D So whatever you are going though...just remember my cute little vegetable friends!
From now the end of each blogger page...
I will be uploading another one of my cute little veggie freinds! :D

Hope this cheers you up! :D

Are you where you wanna be...?

Hello friends,

So let me begin with...I realise it's 3.35 in the wee early hours of the morning...but I just had to get this off my to speak! 

Here goes...please bare with thoughts...

I see so many people with such potential in what they could be...yet so rarely do they fully reach their dreams & goals! 
It almost seems as if they themselves...are locked, barricaded- their souls tangled in the shackles of mediocrity, realism, (which okay if you wanna live your life in a boat!) ;) waiting for someone to release them from their prison cell of loneliness, emptiness- infecting the very core of  who they are, almost crushing them to the ground, till they can no longer move, to weak to stand, to weak to eat, to weak to even think. 

Our minds are plagued with thoughts of not just loneliness, but a whirlwind of whispers & doubts, saying... "I'll never amount to anything! So what's the point??!!' 
It so saddens me to think...that some...if not most of us think this way! 

We live in a world where fame, money, status seem to be the IN THING of today's times! Like there are ruling & influencing our every move, how we think, how we listen, how we even behave towards others!  

And who could forget brains & beauty making the image complete! 
Not that I am in anyway putting these people down- those that have these qualities! :D 
It's just that...not 'every size' fits all...or maybe it's just me...? 
Are we missing something...maybe the point of our own existence..? 
But then again what do I know right?? :)

I sincerly think we need to ask ourselves the question...why do we feel this way? 
Who is making us feel this way...?

Why does my heart feel weighed down?, pushed around? kicked down...? 
Just because I do not fit the mould...the 'status quo'...?   

Anyway...just wanted to leave you with these thoughts for today...maybe you might even ponder these in the midnight hour when most are already sound asleep...? Who knows...? But I hope you find an answer on your quest that is your journey... :)

As I was thinking about these things... in the early hours of the morning. 
I came across this quote by Henry David Thoreau...who I think...sums up what I'm trying to say...

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Anyway just a thought that is all... ;)

Until I write/blog again...

Your faithfully...Shine xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A new Beginning...A new chapter...

Hey friends...My Name Sarah and I go under the name 'Shine' :) 

Welcome to the first pages of my journey...A new beginning! 
A Journey that's just getting started! :D 

What can I's a 'roller coaster ride of emotions!' 
I'd like to think there's more substance to this life than what we're seeing! 
Life is what YOU make it!...Our one way ticket to awesome-ness, 'A free pass' to paradise... 

So where are you at...At the cross roads of your LIFE...?

A little about myself: 

One thing that will become evidently obvious is that...MUSIC IS MY LIFE and it's what I LOVE to do every second of the day!!! Yes the pages of my thoughts will be splattered out on these blogger pages for all  the world to see! :) 

Ok so...I'm a singer/songwriter and really enjoy making up my own original music. 
It's the kinda of music that's contagious, it encourages- make you feel refreshed in a sunlight kinda way! ;) It's the kinda music that makes you wanna jump outta bed just to get a glimpse of the sunrise & rest in the warmth of loving arms as the sunsets! 
It begins your day with a feeling of no regrets that yesterday is dead & over...and begins to re-write a brand new chapter of life's untold story! 
A new beginning that is your/my novel of LIFE! :D

Ok I go again...on a tangent! Haha! Yeah I tend to do that!!! LOL! Anyway...moving on...

On the sidelines...I am writing a children's fantasy book & painting the illustrations too! :) Bright colours is where it's at! Colours of the rainbow! ;)

Oh yeah..and did I mention...I have Cystic Fibrosis - (c.f. for short) to be correct! 
Though... don't let that STOP YOU from conecting to this BLOG! ;)

Love ya my friends...and again WELCOME to my BLOG! Hope you will get as much out of it as I am!!! ^-^

Food for thought...

'The shadow improves the sunshine' A line from a band called: Switchfoot. Check it out!! 
In their album: Nothing is sound! ;) Oh & btw...just in case your thinking...

No one put me up to i'm NOT marketing this album my friends...k! Haha! :D 
They are just one of my fav bands over my life span...well kinda of! LOL! :)

Also I turned the ripe old age of 30yrs just last March 2011.. ;) 
As I turned 30yrs old...i am reminded of Justin Bieber when interviewed on Letterman show...
Justin words: 'Yeah I knew this guy Scooter- who btw the way was 30! And I was like...30 is REAL OLD!' Haha! Yeah right Bieber! I'm sure a lot of us...if not all of us- who have reached this age will agree with me when I say...30 is NOT THAT OLD!!! ;) 
So Bieb's if your reading this...which you are probably NOT! Hehe...30's not THAT old!  
Hey I say wait a few years...then get back to me about it! ;)
I mean...who's counting anyway's...??!! REALLY...??! Hehe ^-^

Also...will leave you with a very encouraging verse...Joshua: 1:9 :) Enjoy! ;)
Oh and remember to: 'Be kind to yourself and others'! ^-^

Well my friends...that's all for now! Until I blog/write again...

Yours faithfully...

*Huggles* & <3 your way... xx

Sarah...aka Shine :D <3