Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A new Beginning...A new chapter...

Hey friends...My Name Sarah and I go under the name 'Shine' :) 

Welcome to the first pages of my journey...A new beginning! 
A Journey that's just getting started! :D 

What can I's a 'roller coaster ride of emotions!' 
I'd like to think there's more substance to this life than what we're seeing! 
Life is what YOU make it!...Our one way ticket to awesome-ness, 'A free pass' to paradise... 

So where are you at...At the cross roads of your LIFE...?

A little about myself: 

One thing that will become evidently obvious is that...MUSIC IS MY LIFE and it's what I LOVE to do every second of the day!!! Yes the pages of my thoughts will be splattered out on these blogger pages for all  the world to see! :) 

Ok so...I'm a singer/songwriter and really enjoy making up my own original music. 
It's the kinda of music that's contagious, it encourages- make you feel refreshed in a sunlight kinda way! ;) It's the kinda music that makes you wanna jump outta bed just to get a glimpse of the sunrise & rest in the warmth of loving arms as the sunsets! 
It begins your day with a feeling of no regrets that yesterday is dead & over...and begins to re-write a brand new chapter of life's untold story! 
A new beginning that is your/my novel of LIFE! :D

Ok I go again...on a tangent! Haha! Yeah I tend to do that!!! LOL! Anyway...moving on...

On the sidelines...I am writing a children's fantasy book & painting the illustrations too! :) Bright colours is where it's at! Colours of the rainbow! ;)

Oh yeah..and did I mention...I have Cystic Fibrosis - (c.f. for short) to be correct! 
Though... don't let that STOP YOU from conecting to this BLOG! ;)

Love ya my friends...and again WELCOME to my BLOG! Hope you will get as much out of it as I am!!! ^-^

Food for thought...

'The shadow improves the sunshine' A line from a band called: Switchfoot. Check it out!! 
In their album: Nothing is sound! ;) Oh & btw...just in case your thinking...

No one put me up to i'm NOT marketing this album my friends...k! Haha! :D 
They are just one of my fav bands over my life span...well kinda of! LOL! :)

Also I turned the ripe old age of 30yrs just last March 2011.. ;) 
As I turned 30yrs old...i am reminded of Justin Bieber when interviewed on Letterman show...
Justin words: 'Yeah I knew this guy Scooter- who btw the way was 30! And I was like...30 is REAL OLD!' Haha! Yeah right Bieber! I'm sure a lot of us...if not all of us- who have reached this age will agree with me when I say...30 is NOT THAT OLD!!! ;) 
So Bieb's if your reading this...which you are probably NOT! Hehe...30's not THAT old!  
Hey I say wait a few years...then get back to me about it! ;)
I mean...who's counting anyway's...??!! REALLY...??! Hehe ^-^

Also...will leave you with a very encouraging verse...Joshua: 1:9 :) Enjoy! ;)
Oh and remember to: 'Be kind to yourself and others'! ^-^

Well my friends...that's all for now! Until I blog/write again...

Yours faithfully...

*Huggles* & <3 your way... xx

Sarah...aka Shine :D <3


  1. Great to see you in blogland Shine! :-)

  2. Hey Stace,

    Thanks :) Great to see you in 'blogland' too! ;)