Thursday, 7 July 2011

Literally, not metaphorically...hehe :)

Hello dear friends, :)

Today as I sit on my light mocha cosy couch- laptop resting gently a top a servings tray. 
I write this post, starring out my windows, as the trees dance and sway to the tunes of the wild wind... revealing the calm after a stormy winters night.

Though clouds maybe overcast...revealing a hint a blue sky and sunlight every now and then...shinning down on evergreen trees, highlighting colours of light greens, yellows and medium shades of green.
As the howls of the wind pass by our house...making their way past a patch of green pastures- land we live on.
This come with much gratitude...that even through the storm...I am my Masters loving arms :)   

Yet even though I am alone I do not feel alone...for somehow my Master is with me at all times.


Well these were my thought for today...I will be posting some pics up soon...(hopefully today)! Pictures of our adventures in Dudersland...and a beautiful piece of paradise from heaven above...that could only be Maretai Beach, in our beautiful land Aoeteroa...meaning: Land of the long white cloud...New Zealand! :D

Well until I write/blog again...

Yours faithfully,
Shine...aka Sarah :)

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