Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Smiling Eyes...

Hello journey followers,

Its been quite a while since my last post...though i am happy to say I will be back on here a bit more this year! :)

Now a little poem... 

Seven years of years of yearning, never knowing if we would ever see our dream & miracle come true...

Drifting through our pain of tears, in silence, no one ever knew our hearts grew weary, the wanting, the hoping & the asking! 

A journey that would lead us on an emotional roller coaster. 
A journey that would bring us closer together & now the waiting is over!! 

Springtime is here! The season of blessings is here! 
And we will forever be grateful to our heavenly Father who never forgets!

His promises are true...He remembers...He hears the cries of our hearts...
He never forgets! 

We are very happy to announce...that we will be expecting our little miracle in August...our very own baby boy! It has been a long time coming! Though certainly worth the wait! :)

We have waited seven years for our little bundle of joy to choose us as parents & to begin a new journey, a new chapter in our lives. 
What joy we shall have...these future memories will last a life time & we cannot wait!! :)

Until I write again...
Take care, journey followers...

Shine :)


  1. Such a wonderful post Sarah. You are going to make the most amazing mother and I can't wait to see more posts soon!

    1. Thanks sis! :) Yeah i thought it was about time to start blogging again :)

      Probably be a lot of baby projects on here ;)