Monday, 4 July 2011

My 'Happy friends'... ;)

Hello friends :)

Again...yeaahh I know...'i'm slack!' Haha! 

If you will recall...I mentioned on one of my earlier posts that I would attach one of my happy Veggie friends with each post....well yeaaahh...that didn't work out??!! Did it??! Oh dear...! :/ Lol 

So friends can I say...apologizes for not following this through! *Puppy Dog Eyes* Haha!

Anyway moving it is...* Ta Da! 
Here's another one of my Little 'Happy Veggie Friends' that sit a top of my little kitchen shelf ;) Now once  all of them have been shared on here that it...k?! 
Yeaaah I ONLY have about 4 of them currently sitting quietly on my kitchen...I could have collected more from a shop whom shall be anonymous! ;)
Though please be encouraged...whenever your feeling down...
or if your needing a safe place to come to...
well ladies and gentlemen you know what to do...Just clicky, clink away onto the 'Life's A Journey' blog...& view one of my Happy Little Veggie Friends! ;) 

Seriously makes ME feel 'HAPPY' without turning to drugs! ;) 

But hey...maybe it's just ME that feels this way...? yeah I'm into this quirky cutesy stuff! Hehe! ;)

Enjoy...! :)

Also just wanted to leave this with you: Deuteronomy 31:8
This is something I was reading this morning when I had a moment to think! Hehe... :)

*HuGGLeS & LOvE* 
Yours Faithfully... 
Shine...aka Sarah :) 

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