Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Soccer teddy bear completed...and food for thought...

Hello friends,

So I've finished the painting I was talking about in my last blog page.

Here it is TA DA...my painting of a soccer teddy Bear! :)

In this painting it is personalised with the little girls name...but it can be just the teddy bear with preferred background and no name on it. Depends what the customer wants really.

In my next project...I will be painting a teddy bear- the background being a baby's room...for my little niece who will be due to arrive in this world sometime in December 2011.  I am so excited...this will be the first little baby from our side of the family...can't wait! :D

Food for thought: Some things may seem boring, mundane...like washing dishes or cleaning the house...putting out the washing...maybe doing the grocery shopping...but whatever it is... lets be grateful we have these things...as some are not so fortunate in some parts of the world to have plates, food everyday, clean water to wash their clothes in. 
When it boils down to it...if all of these things were taken away from us in a day...we would wish them back in an instance.

So I am grateful for a HOUSE to clean and ROOF over my head...grocery stores so I can supply my fridge and cupboards with FOOD...knowing I won't go hungry for a day or more.

It's all in how we think...just remind yourself to be grateful for all that you DO have :) 
Just something to think on ;)

Well until I blog again,

Yours Faithfully, Shine

Oh yes and I almost forgot...the last one of my happy little veggie friends...
Hope this brightens up your day...enjoy :)