Thursday, 8 September 2011

A COURSE...Of course! ;)

Hello friends :)

Hope you are having a good week so far and life is treating you well....?
And if not, I hope next week is a better one ^-^

Just to let you know...

I am going to be a little busy for the next 6 weeks. 

The reason...*drum roll* please...? Ahhh who am i kidding...this is just! Hehe ;)

Well... here it goes...

I have signed up for a course at uni. The course is called: Children's Book Illustrations. 

And let me tell you, that I am VERY EXCITED AND VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT IT!!! though a little nervous...oh ok quite nervous... EEEK! 
As apart from going through school and one other course, in my lifetime- which I did over 10 years ago. Eeek! lol
I  really haven't the faintness I'll get into the 'study ethics' thingy mi-jig' AGAIN?!! 

Ahhhh...It's been sooo looong...!! Oh well...guess I better start LEARNING fast...if I want to get something on 'paper'!!! ;) Lol

Anyway moving on...

I believe this will be a very valuable tool- perhaps even a key...when trying to create my very first children's novel! :)

You see...I have hit a stumbling block with my  illustrations for this novel. 
My illustrations are alright...though lots can be worked and improved on :) is the crux of the matter...I HAVE NEVER DONE A STORYBOARD before, to put down all my creative illustrations into actions on paper...thought in this case a STORYBOARD is JUST WHAT I NEED!!! YAY! HAPPY DAYS!! lol 

In fact...this course will help me to described things better within my text-e story!!  ;)
*SIGH* So that's where I went wrong?!! :/ :) Haha! I know, how to go around my stumbling block! Hehe :) Yes I think an applause is needed...just kidding! Haha!

So this course is the kick start I needed, for my very first children's novel. 
What the course entails is, storyboarding and then getting a dummy mock up of how you want to present it to the publishers! So...I am very excited and happy to have found this sweet little course- it's just what I need!! :)

Well it's getting late over here...

Though before I go...someone gave me this verse. So I will leave it with you today...Psalms 91:1. Enjoy! :) 
I know I felt encouraged by it ;) 

Until I write again...

Yours Faithfully...
Shine :) 


  1. yay so exciting news! clap clap! Can't wait to hear and see the things you learn! Definitely exciting times indeed! Hugs!

  2. Sounds cool as Sarah! You'll be great at it Im sure!

  3. Hey thanks bloggers ;)

    Yes will be good to put all this creative energy into practice ;) Definitely have my work cut out for me!! Hehe :)

    *HUGS* :)