Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hello friends :D

Thank you all for checking in so often :) 

It really means a lot to me, that you would take some time- out of your day, to check out, this blog! Yay! :D

As the weekend approaches, a few thoughts go through my mind...

The crazy, though funny week I've had.

Let me explain:

So...last Tuesday (and I speak of LAST TUESDAY IN PARTICULAR) I needed this library card for the course I am currently doing...

(Oh if there are others who have just logged onto this blog site- You might want to read my last few entry posts, it will give you an update on things, I'm currently doing) ;) 

So where was I...ahhh yes...

So it was- a very sunny Tuesday afternoon. The sun beamed brightly, across the vast blue sky and the wind was a bit howl-y at the time! Hehe...

I walked into the Library, feeling awfully cheery and excited about stepping foot back into a library again. 
As I approached the reasonably neat and tidy, returns office desk, I was greeted with
 a GRINCH! *Gasps in the audience* 
So condensing and darn right patronising, was the GRINCH!
If only there were a way to turn her frown upside down...hmmm.

"Excuse me." I asked, pleasantly.

It was...*Movie stringed instruments* *Movie shock tune: DAR DA DA DUMMM...!!!* :o

'THE LIBRARIAN' aka...'The Grinch' ;)

The Grinch even thought I was computer illiterate. 
Can you believe...? If that were so...I would not be on fb... ;) 
So there...I said it- though not to the Grinch's face, oh course ;) Hehe 

"Ahh..." I said to the Grinch.
"Sorry, I must not be familiar with your library system. It has been 10 years, since I last stepped foot, inside this wonderful, land of books! :) 
Can it be...? That your computer system doesn't like my name- it won't register me...?
Maybe it has an error..?"
Now the Grinch was quite annoyed by this...and so my frustration continued like this...
Until I kindly said; "Thank you, though I think I'll come back,. some other time" 
Inside...I was close to tears and felt like crying...though I didn't let the Grinch SEE that! ;)
Instead, I decided to walk out, head held high...yes the Grinch was not going to get the better of me- that day! :)

So...I decide to try another library, as I desperately needed, half a dozen or so children's storybooks, for AUT :)
 A nice, elderly man came to help me...he was my angel and helped me get my library card in the end.

So all was not friends...'Real Life Fairy Tales', can have a 'Happily Ever After' ending... 

THE END ;)  


  1. Stinky-poo for the Grinch-y librarian! But you were very brave and achieved your goal, good on ya. I am a librarian and I hang my head in shame for the mean attitude of the Grinch you encountered. I would NEVER be that way to someone wishing to get a library card and thus enjoy my wonderful world of books :)

  2. That naughty lady. Maybe she was having some personal problems - no excuse for being unprofessional, but Im sure it wasnt personal towards you!

  3. @ Anna: Thanks, that means a lot!:)
    When reading your made me laugh!
    So thank you for cheering me up! ^-^

    A burden halved, is a burden shared ;)Hehe

    @ Stace: Yes i'm sure it wasn't. Though, I thought it made for a VERY GOOD STORY- to be told ;)

    Thanks so much for your commentS! they mean a lot journey followers ;D

    Hope you all have a blessed week! *HUGGLES*