Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Storybook full SPEED ahead...! ;)

Hello friends,

Sorry it's been so long again since I last updated you on things! :(

Well, yesterday was my children's illustration course. And I have so much to catch up on!! 
Apparently i'm a wee bit behind my class!! ONE WEEK'S WORTH- in fact! *sigh* 
Oh well guess that's the STORYBOOK of LIFE!! ;)

Anyway, so having gone to this course for about 3 weeks now...I am under the realisation...that 6 weeks, is no where near, long enough, to complete a storyboard and dummy book mock up book with in this space of time.

My Tutor was also telling us students yesterday, that it take illustrators AT LEAST 6 MONTHS to complete a storyboard and dummy book (mock up book) to present to the publishers! 

So...I guess I REALLY have my WORK/ILLUSTRATIONS cut out for me! ^-^

Anyway enough about my is some food for thought I've been pondering on...


Life is meaningless, unless you follow the path that was promised and acknowledge the one who created you.

by Sarah.

Life is like the flicker of flame on a candles wick, dancing to the tune, surrounding it. 
Bright and full of light, the Maker guards His little flames by protecting them from the dangers unseen- that threaten to blow them out! 
His hands are like a shield, until the candle wax runs out...

By Sarah.

Also another favourite motto by Walt Disney I absolutely LOVE...(Apparently Walt Disney use to hang this up on his wall and work place for all his workers to see....

"This IS a 'Happy Place" ;)

Until I write again...Your faithfully...

Shine *Huggles*

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