Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thoughts of the day...

Hello friends :) 

So I know I said my next post was going to be 'Part 2' of how my storybook came to be...though I came across an interesting, inspiring and refreshing quote from a well known, famous person that I felt encouraged by...

A quote from Albert Einstein...

This quote touched my heart not everyone learns the same...and not everyone's life is the same. 
We are all unique and different in who we are. 
That's what makes us SO AWESOME! So THANK YOU Albert Einstein... even though you have passed on through...I needed to hear that! :)


Also another thought for the day: 

Clones are okay...if your going for mediocre! 
Though if you want a LIFE of adventure, fullness & key remains: 

BE YOURSELF and BECOME something AWESOME that your CREATOR intended you to be.

'The assignment' is in YOUR hands! Though one simple question remains...

WHAT are YOU going to DO with YOUR LIFE assignment...? That is the question... ;)


So...MAKE the MOST of it each day :)

It has been said...that we have an assignment in life...and it IS YOURS to FIND OUT! 


'The adventure'is in the FINDING :) 

FIND your Passion, 

GRAB every moment with both hands- opportunities are everywhere! :) 

BE a friend to Someone

HELP someone in need...perhaps an elderly person...?
Sometimes, they have a wealth of knowledge...because they have LIVED LONGER than many of us...& you know what...

Grey hairs are to be celebrated!

GIVE to be a blessing and give of 'your time' to others  Family & friends might be a good place to start ;) 

And lastly...

LOVE your next door neighbour as yourself :) 
Perhaps a friendly, neighbourly wave hello won't go unnoticed...Or perhaps baking some freshly, made goodies and taking them over to introduce yourself to the neighbours...might be a GOOD way to make 'new friends'...Just a thought... :)

Though whatever you do in Your Journey...

remember...Be KIND to YOURSELF & OTHERS around you ...


Also I was told of a movie- called: THE HELP which is a heart warming movie to with that in mind...I will check it out when my storybook is finished.

Well my fellow followers...hope you enjoyed reading my post I PROMISE will show some of my completed illustrations- in COLOUR I might add :)

Until I blog again...

Yours Faithfully...*Huggles*

Shine :)

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