Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Storybook...and life...hehe :)

Hello friends :)

So it's 3:16am in N.Z and...and yes- I do get the occasional 'I can't sleep syndrome' aka...insomnia! Lol 
Though I quite like being awake at this time of the night...okay I admit it...I LOVE to be a night OWL ;) 

How DO I explain my week??!...Hmmm let me see...ahhh yes...

My Week: 

Lots has happened...clinic appointment yesterday...quite happy with the clinical test results :) Yes I AM picking up my MATT and WALKING ;) Studying like a MAD hatter that's lost his fine, bone china, tea cup or...may it's the steroids I'm on- (joking about the steroids btw)!...Yes so...you can all breathe a sign of relieve! Haha!

Sweet! :D

Now that we have got past 'the basics'...onto the next few little precious moments I have planned and am awfully looking forward to accomplishing this week :)

Buying some darn right, good old fashion. board games...magnetic in fact! 
Throw in two citronella candles, a rather fluorescent green dome and some chocolates and what have you got? Have I caught your attention yet? ;)

Well i'll give you hint...Nature at it's best...sleeping under the stars...

If you guessed the answer...Yes that's right folks! We are going CAMPING this weekend!! YEEHAAAA! ;D What a treat it will be for our dear little pup Lilly...who has never experienced camping before!! :D I don'y know who is more excited...her or me??!! Haha!

This hoilday couldn't have come sooner! :) 
We have the perfect location set...though my lips are sealed as to it's whereabouts...sorry ;) And No- it's NOT the BACKYARD!! Hehe :)

Now onto other matters...

Some of you might be wondering...How my Children's Illustration dummy book- (mock up book) is going...? 

Well as best as it can be...given the 6 week time frame ;) 

So here's the goss/update: 

I now have scanned images of my illustrations, so far so good ;) Today I will be at some point...cutting down more of my text-e text...in order to get *drum roll pleeeaassee*
All 32 pages of illustration in my dummy book, before the end of this course- finishing early October this year. Ek! Lol

Here is an example- one of my Children's storybook illustrations...

Will Shine make it in the world of  Children's Fairy Tale books and get her book completed? FIND OUT in world of Children's Illustrating course: Part 2 land??!! 

Stay LOGGED IN to find OUT!! :)

To be continued... ;)

Well this is all the time I have for now...

Oh yes...and before I end off...here's some food for thought I have recently been thinking about...

"When crappy negativity is flying in all different direction towards you in life...just remember...
Your ONE STEP CLOSER to becoming the person your CREATOR INTENDED YOU TO BE...ONE step closer to a VICTORY!" :) Keep the FAITH! Yay! ;D

Until I blog again...

Yours Faithfully...
Shine *Huggles* ^-^


  1. Hi Shine! Thank you so much for visiting my place and for the great comment!! I love your blog and your thoughts, and seeing what you go through in your days. This quote you added at the end of this post spoke volumes to me......it really is about keeping the faith....the hope....and the love...!!! Even in the face of "crap"!!! Here's to future blogging! Much kindness ~ alice

  2. Book is looking good! Have fun camping! xx

  3. Hey Alice,

    Your welcome :) Love how you have THAT Faith of yours and are not afraid!
    To stand up and be counted is a great and awesome honour in the eyes of our great Creator :)

    So here's to FAITH, HOPE & LOVE!
    Thank you for commenting :) It means a lot! :)

    Hey Stace, Thank you :) There is still much work to be done on the storybook and I have just under a week to complete the book! Eek! Lol Hopefully I'll get the rest of it done before my course finishes! lol
    We did have fun camping...getting away from all the techno & being in nature is the BEST ever!! :D
    Lilly (our pup) just LOVED it!!! Especially the water in the river. It was like 'PLAYTIME ALL THE TIME'!! ^-^ Hahaha!